Saturday, February 11, 2012

TAM Alumni Update: Jocelyn Foye

Detail of Sumo Wrestling in Clay (2011) by Jocelyn Foye
Performance with clay, rubber casting artifact
180 inch diameter
Courtesy of the artist

At the Torrance Art Museum, the curatorial focus is premised upon fostering individualized artistic expressions, the free elucidation of an aesthetic vision. This focus is not only to provide engaging and original programming for the museum, but also to cultivate unique approaches to artistry for the community at large. Therefore, it is a great joy to see artists, with whom we have worked, continue to exhibit and flourish at other venues.

And such is the situation with Jocelyn Foye. Regular visitors to TAM will certainly remember her Sumo Wrestling in Clay performance at last year's Gateway: Japan show. Well, she currently has three exhibitions on view in the greater Los Angeles area.

At the CSU Long Beach Museum, she is part of a group show, Split Moment, which examines how the elements of performance can be separated from the constraints of the live event, via drawing, photographs, or sculptures. This show runs from January 27 to April 15, 2012.

At El Camino College's gallery, Jocelyn and her husband, Jeff Foye, are part of a group show, In Tandem, which examines how artist couples influence each other. This show runs from February 13 to March 9, 2012.

And, at the Armory Center for the Arts, she will be exhibiting Dance, Opera, Draw, another work in which the live performance will result in a relic that echoes the creative event. The performance will be held tonight, February 11, at 8:30 pm. (Sorry for the short notice.) The exhibit will be on view from February 12 to May 13, 2012.

So, check out these events. Foye's work is definitely thought-provoking.

Here's a vid of the Sumo performance from TAM's Gateway: Japan show.


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