Thursday, February 2, 2012

Conrad Ruiz: Pacific Theater

Detail of Pacific Theater (2011) by Conrad Ruiz
Watercolor on paper; 42 x 63 inches
Courtesy of the artist and Silverman Gallery

With Super Bowl Sunday coming up, I figured that our Exhibit Spotlight would focus on Conrad Ruiz's Pacific Theater, with its exuberant scene of female athletes running the steeplechase alongside various animals and animal-human hybrid creatures.

Incorporating imagery from mass media sources, such as advertisements or sports journalism, Ruiz reinterprets the images into fantastic tableaux, full of dynamic activity and engaging humor. Yet, for all of the excitement and splash, the technique is subtle, even delicate, working the watercolors to adroitly define the scene with a shimmering dreamlike color, creating a visual tension between the gentle feel of the paint versus the wild energy of the composition.

It's an interesting work. Head on over to his website, Conradical, to check out some of his other works.

And here are a couple vids:

Clement & Co Presents: We Are the New Standard - Conrad Ruiz

From the Collection: Conrad Ruiz


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