Saturday, September 29, 2012

Subterraneans: Opening Night Photos

The Subterraneans opened on Saturday, September 22, at the TAM.

Last weekend, the TAM opened a set of new exhibitions. In Gallery One, "The Subterraneans" is on view. In Gallery Two, we have "XYZ: The Geometric Impulse in Abstract Art" running. Finally, we've premiered our video gallery, The Dark Room, which is currently featuring works by Yoshie Sakai.

Here are some photos from Opening Night.

XYZ in Gallery Two, including Jessica Halonen's Rx Garden: Sticky Ends (6)

The Dark Room Presents: Yoshie Sakai

The Subterraneans viewed from behind Elonda Billera Norris' Theory of Transformation

Dance and music from Pieter

TAM's Sculpture Patio, featuring Ichiro Irie's RX-Heaven

The Subterraneans viewed from behind Audrey Moyer's This Is My Place

The Subterraneans viewed from behind Mario DiDomenico's Visions and Revisions

Mobile Arts Platform (MAP) charting the Los Angeles experience

The Subterraneans viewed from behind Bianca D'Amico's Planter Study #253 (should be a real plant, but we are without windows)

These shows will be running until Saturday, November 3rd.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the TAM.

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