Sunday, February 5, 2012

Manipulated Image: Gul (Flower)

Image from Adnan Hussain's animated short film, "Gul (Flower)"

Recently, the Torrance Art Museum played host to Manipulated Image's screening of video art, in an evening presentation entitled "A Curious Sense of Calm".

Curated by Alysse Stepanian, works by Kika Nicoleta, Gerald Guthrie, and Yuko Takemura were presented. However, the feature attraction of the night was a showing of Adnan Hussain's award-winning animated film, "Gul (Flower)".

Following the presentation, Adnan Hussain discussed various aspects of creating the film, including his conceptual approach to the narrative structure and the experience of recording its distinct musical score, featuring Sindhi folk music composed specifically for the film and recorded during a trip to Pakistan.

Here's the video of "Gul (Flower)" and footage of the Sindhi music recording session:

"Gul (Flower)"

Sindhi Music Session

Madrona Musings would like to thank Adnan Hussain for sharing his artistry and experiences with us. Check out his website, Mad Guru, to learn more about his animation and the Sindhi folk music.

Likewise, our gratitude goes to Alysse Stepanian and Manipulated Image for putting this show together. Manipulated Image's next screening is scheduled for Saturday, February 25, 8pm, at the Echo Park Film Center.


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