Thursday, May 31, 2012

Between the Knowing: Closing June 2nd

Image from Welcome (2008) by Sara Ramo

On June 2nd, this upcoming Saturday, "Between the Knowing" will be closing down. It will become facticity, a concrete element of our past.

So, the question before us is whether or not we wish to experience this show before it becomes unavailable. With so many fine options for Saturday, one might feel angst in making this selection. Perhaps an incentive is necessary, to inspire you to visit the TAM over the alternatives. . .

Very well. On Saturday, June 2nd, the museum will be hosting a Colloquy panel discussion, "Mixed Marriage: Artists, Curators, and the Exhibition". The basic thesis will be an examination of contemporary curatorial approaches. The discussion starts at 2 pm.

The scheduled panelists are Karen Lofgren, Rebecca McGrew, Rebecca Morse, Holly Myers, and Carrie Paterson. The moderator will be Ciara Ennis.

Time is running out. When the balloons fly out of the door, when the clothes burst forth from the closet, it becomes a finalized event; there is no freedom to choose an alternate outcome. ;-)

Welcome (2008) by Sara Ramo

We're looking forward to seeing you at the TAM.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Davis & Davis: Induction

Details of Induction (2012) by Davis & Davis
Mixed media installation

With the current shows winding to their close on June 2nd, I figured we could look at Davis & Davis' Induction, which is part of TAM's "Two-Headed Monster" exhibit.

Like much of their work, Induction displays the duo's unique artistry with a playful sense of humor. Between two portraits of the arts, who are facing different directions as if they were representing opposing electric polarities, a wire connects them to a plastic cocoon, in which a gentle light glows; the alternating current of creativity between the two artists brings into illumination a unique vision, which may spring forth from the wires and tape like a beautiful butterfly.

It's a very fun work that takes up half of Gallery 2. Come check it out before the show wraps up.

Detail of Induction (2012) by Davis & Davis
Mixed media installation

And, if you can't come to see it in person, here's a vid:

Davis & Davis: Induction (2012)