Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Rebecca Campbell: Highlander (Rebecca)

Detail of Highlander (Rebecca) (2009) by Rebecca Campbell
Oil on canvas
82.5 x 44.5 inches
Courtesy of the artist and LA Louver Gallery

Now, we focus our spotlight on Rebecca Campbell's Highlander (Rebecca), with its quiet and introspective image. Originally a part of a diptych, wherein the artist perceives a contrasting reflection of her youthful self within a young Latina schoolgirl, this work is a strong representation of Campbell's artistic interests.

Specifically, the use of nostalgia and the familiar as a starting point in exploring the Other and the Unknown is a recurrent theme in her work. Here, we see a "self portrait" although the image is not of the artist's physical self; it is a consideration of the commonality of experience, be it youth or ethnicity or femininity, in a series of reflections between the interior and exterior, between the isolated personal identity and the empathic connection to others.

Here are a few vids in which Rebecca Campbell's work is featured:

"Poltergeist" at LA Louver Gallery (2009)

Salon des Artistes, 2010

And here's a vid with a brief glimpse of her 2011 work "Romancing the the Apocalypse"


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