Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mary Addison Hackett: The Walk

The Walk (2011) by Mary Addison Hackett
Oil on canvas
10 x 8 inches
Courtesy of the artist

The smallest work on view in "To Live and Paint in LA" is Mary Addison Hackett's The Walk. Rich in color and texture, this painting depicts a commonplace event, a lady walking a dog, but there is a dreamlike quality to the image.

Perhaps it is the ambiguity of space. With the figures situated in muted cool colors, they seem to recede within the picture plane, as the vibrant yellows and whites of the periphery jump out at the viewer. Yet, the red coat of the main figure undercuts this sensation, pulling the figures back to the forefront.

Likewise, the texture of the surface enhances the play of space. With thick layers of paint built up in the background, the figures drift away from the viewer, but the main figure's face is notably layered, emerging from the canvas, projecting forth into the viewer's space.

This painting seems so simple, but the compelling painting technique makes for an intriguing and memorable view, transforming an everyday scene into a transcendent aesthetic experience.

Here are a few vids showcasing other works by Mary Addison Hackett:

"Acts of Moral Turpentine, Part I" at Track 13 Gallery in Nashville, TN

"Acts of Moral Turpentine, Part II"

And here she is working on The Presences


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