Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Empty Gallery

The Torrance Art Museum is temporarily closed for installation of the next exhibit

Well, another show has wrapped up and we're in that empty space between exhibitions. However, although it looks like there is nothing going on at the TAM, it is actually a hive of activity as preparations are underway for a huge show that opens on Saturday, September 22.

In Gallery 1, we'll be exhibiting "The Subterraneans: The Artists behind LA's Artist-Run Spaces." This will be joined by "XYZ: The Geometric Impulse in Abstract Art" in Gallery 2. Moreover, we will be unveiling our new space, the Video Gallery with recent works by Yoshie Sakai. And in the Hallway Promenade, TAM will be hosting an installation by MAP, "Mobile Art Platform."

Yeah, it'll be a big event with lots of engaging art on view for your edification and enjoyment. ;-)

I'll be writing up some articles over the next few weeks to provide more details, artist lists, photographs and other teasers.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the TAM!!!

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