Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two-Headed Monster in Gallery 2

Featuring CamLab and Davis & Davis

Our most recent posts have been focusing on the existentialist-themed exhibit "Between the Knowing" but the TAM has two galleries. So, you may be wondering about the contents of Gallery 2.

Let it be known that Gallery 2 has become the lair of the "Two-Headed Monster"!!!!!

Curated by Jason Ramos, this exhibit will feature a two team, four person show. Team One is CamLab, comprised of Jemima Wyman and Anna Mayer. Team Two is Davis & Davis, comprised of Denise and Scott Davis.

With such imaginative minds given creative free range over Gallery 2, who knows what impossible things may happen that the world has never seen before?!! ;-)

For now, let's look at clips of Jemima Wyman's Whak'emall.

Whak'emall (2006) by Jemima Wyman

We're looking forward to seeing you at the TAM!!!

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