Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh Nancy: Blank Land

Promotional image for Oh Nancy's "Blank Land" on exhibit for two days at the TAM

Here's the story:

Nancy, a young girl with blonde hair, is the daughter of the villanous King of the Sea and the Great Crow, her mother who died in childbirth. Although born with godlike powers, Nancy has no awareness of her potential. However, the Preacher, a charismatic religious extremist who rules the Corn Alliance through prophetic terror, became aware of this young girl and her latent might. In a scheme to gain her powers for his own purposes, the Preacher sent the Corn football team to capture and bring her to him, but, perceiving the nefarious intentions of the Preacher, the Corn Team quarterback, Bill Oolie, decided instead to run away with the innocent girl, fleeing from both the zealots of the Corn Alliance and the evil intentions of the King of the Sea.

Nancy, Bill Oolie, and the loyal teammates of the Corn Team now find themselves on a constant flight, stopping briefly in random places, short sojourns in the forgotten and hidden places of various towns and cities. And at each place of rest, these fugitives set up their mementos, reminders of previous times, keepsakes of their travels, and icons of that which gives them the will to persevere.

Here's the project:

Oh Nancy is a collaborative work which utilizes a base narrative to inspire individual artistic interpretations, creating a multiple authorship that includes divergent perspectives, from the contrasting to the coincidental, all as manner to explore alternative American mythic tropes. This is accomplished by the curation of thematically aligned exhibits showing works from a broad group of artists. In emulation of the underlying story, these exhibitions travel across the country for brief stopovers.

The next Oh Nancy sojourn will be at our precious locale, the Torrance Art Museum. For two days, the TAM will be hosting "Blank Land": Saturday, June 30, from 6pm to 9pm; and Tuesday, July 3, from 11am to 5pm.

It's bound to be a whole lot of fun. Here's an Oh Nancy promotional vid:

"Blank Land" at the Torrance Art Museum

And here is a partial list of the more than forty participating artists:

Michelle Matson, Aili Schmeltz, Emily Link, Bill Dunlap, Brian Willmont, Jenny Morgan, Sam Gibbons, Cat Chiu Phillips, Trent Call, Erin M Riley, Kenny Riches, Cara Despain, Todd Ryan White, Morganne Wakefield, Alex Demaria, Michael Ryan Handley, Jorge Rojas, Mary Toscano, Andrew Shaw, Courtney Moy, Annelie McKenzie, Tina Linville, Nick Rodrigues and many others.

We're looking forward to seeing you at the TAM!!!

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