Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Colloquy Panel Discussions

A bi-monthly series of discussions, Colloquy is organized by Holly Myers (standing at the left).

A few weeks back, the TAM hosted the third Colloquy panel discussion, "Mixed Marriage: Artists, Curators, and the Exhibition". Specifically, the topic under review was the role of the curator and trends within curatorial practices. It was a thought-provoking conversation, with issues ranging from the rise of "superstar" curators to the effects, both positive and negative, of art festivals and biennales upon the local art scene.

The TAM had previously hosted a Colloquy discussion, back in January, "Taking Stock of the MFA". Although much more limited in scope, this conversation provided an honest assessment of the costs and benefits of the MFA, from the obvious financial burdens of debt to the inroads and networking advantages of having a "school" pedigree. It made for a lively talk.

"Taking Stock of the MFA" panelists were (left to right) Cammie Staros, Ruben Ochoa, Deborah Aschheim, Joseph Biel, and Eileen Cowin. TAM's curator, Max Presneill stands at the right.

The second Colloquy panel discussion, "The Success Question", was held at LAXART, in early March when the TAM was closed down between exhibits. This is a fascinating topic that faces everybody in the Art world. Do we measure the success of an exhibit by market standards? Or is it critical regard and approval by the cognoscenti that determines success? How about attendance and interest by the broader population? These were just a few elements under consideration in determining that elusive quality called "success".

As of yet, we have no date, topic, or location announced for the next Colloquy panel discussion. But you can always visit the Then/And website to keep up to date.

"Mixed Marriage" panelists were (left to right) Karen Lofgren, Carrie Paterson, Rebecca Morse, Rebecca McGrew, Ciara Ennis (moderator), and Holly Myers.

So, keep your eyes peeled. I'll try to give you all a heads up when the next one is scheduled. They are engaging discussions. If your interested in deeper elements of the art world, beneath the works on display, then your time will be well spent attending Colloquy.

In any case, we're looking forward to seeing you at the TAM!!!

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