Thursday, May 24, 2012

Davis & Davis: Induction

Details of Induction (2012) by Davis & Davis
Mixed media installation

With the current shows winding to their close on June 2nd, I figured we could look at Davis & Davis' Induction, which is part of TAM's "Two-Headed Monster" exhibit.

Like much of their work, Induction displays the duo's unique artistry with a playful sense of humor. Between two portraits of the arts, who are facing different directions as if they were representing opposing electric polarities, a wire connects them to a plastic cocoon, in which a gentle light glows; the alternating current of creativity between the two artists brings into illumination a unique vision, which may spring forth from the wires and tape like a beautiful butterfly.

It's a very fun work that takes up half of Gallery 2. Come check it out before the show wraps up.

Detail of Induction (2012) by Davis & Davis
Mixed media installation

And, if you can't come to see it in person, here's a vid:

Davis & Davis: Induction (2012)


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