Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Welcome to the Torrance Art Museum Blog

The welcome sign that directs visitors to the Torrance Art Museum's entry.

Madrona Musings is the new blog for the Torrance Art Museum (TAM), dedicated to providing information, commentary, and entertainment regarding the museum's exhibitions, events, and featured artists. Moreover, we hope to foster a dialogue with the community, including both the artists and the art enthusiasts, so as to develop and promote a distinct aesthetic vision.

The TAM has an established curatorial tradition that allows the artists who participate within the exhibitions to express themselves as they see fit, self-selecting the art that they believe addresses the show's premise with the greatest authenticity. Likewise, the use of crowd sourced curatorial input has helped shaped many recent distinctive shows.

Likewise, this blog intends to follow with a similar community-centric outlook. Although I'll be the "Blog Host" at Madrona Musings, it is the community participation through post comments and thread interaction that will be the measure of our success. It is my goal to write blog posts that will inspire the readership to share their thoughts and experiences on the topics under consideration at the TAM.

I look forward to this challenge.

Lawrence J Ramirez

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