Monday, April 8, 2013

In Case We Don't Die: Opening Night

Opening Night at the Torrance Art Museum, viewed through Chris Natrop's Reflect What You Are

The Torrance Art Museum opened our new exhibits, In Case We Don't Die, Software, and Works by Peter Everett, on Saturday, March 30. It was an exciting event, with plenty of the artists in attendance, live music, and good company.

I figured that I would share a few photos with you all. ;-)

Ishmael and Bert, by Danny First, met visitors entering Software: 21st Century Ceramics from Los Angeles

Peter Everett's Utopia was featured in the lobby

Works by Andreas Emenius and Frohawk Two Feathers

Works by Mie Olise and Monique Prieto

Chris Natrop's Black Butterfly Sparkle Bomb (2-4)

Live performance by Dreamers

Works by Brian Rochefort and Mitsuko Ikeno

Works by Ida Kvetny and Theis Wendt

Works by Christine Gray and Ida Kvetny

These shows run until May 16, 2013. Don't miss out!!!

We're looking forward to seeing you at the TAM.

In Case We Don't Die runs until May 16, 2013

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