Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Darkroom Presents: Yoshie Sakai

Image from Come One Eat All (2007) by Yoshie Sakai

The Torrance Art Museum has long been a proponent of video art, but displaying it has always been complicated. In setting up an exhibition space, should the videos be intermingled with the paintings, photos, sculptures, and installations? If so, should there be seating and headphones? Alternatively, should the videos be separated into their own video space, with dedicated seating and sound system. Each of these approaches and all the others in between have their advantages.

However, the TAM has decided to open up a new space, The Darkroom, dedicated to exhibiting video art. Yes, our other exhibitions will still continue to include videos, but there is now an exhibition area purely for the showcasing of videos. In our first exhibit, we are featuring the works of Yoshie Sakai.

Humorous, witty, and socially relevant, Yoshie Sakai puts a critical eye to topics as diverse as body image, familial expectations, and mass media concepts of beauty. Combining these satirical critiques with influences from Japanese aesthetics, her videos are engaging, provocative, and entertaining.

Here's one of the works on view in the exhibit:

Come One Eat All

We're looking forward to seeing you at the TAM!!!

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