Sunday, July 29, 2012

Baker's Dozen: Curatorial Discussion

Panelists included (left to right) Robert Fontenot, Neha Choksi, Madison Webb, Grace Kook Anderson, and Sean C. Flaherty

On Saturday afternoon, the TAM hosted an engaging panel discussion regarding the curatorial concerns involved in putting together a show like Baker's Dozen 4. For instance, since every curator works within a framework of their own interests and biases, what are the methods by which these inclinations may be minimized? Or should a curator embrace their particular vision, pushing it to the forefront of their exhibits as a developing premise?

Baker's Dozen 4 is a case in point on how to explore curatorial bias. In previous years, TAM's curator, Max Presneill, would select thirteen artists that he felt were creating compelling works that were representative of current and emerging trends within the context of the Los Angeles art scene. These shows were very interesting, but reflected Presneill's particular focus and awareness. This year, twelve other local curators were invited to participate in the selection, with each suggesting an artist. The result is a sharp but engaging variety of works.

Before the panel: (back) Neha Choksi, Sean C. Flaherty, (front) Madison Webb, Grace Kook Anderson

The thirteen curators that have put together Baker's Dozen 4 are:

Max Presneill (Torrance Art Museum)
Grace Kook Anderson (Laguna Art Museum)
Carl Berg (Irvine Fine Arts Center)
Scott Canty (Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery)
Miki Garcia (Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum)
Julie Joyce (Santa Barbara Museum of Art)
Lisa Melandri (Santa Monica Museum of Art)
Aram Moshayedi (Redcat)
Pilar Tompkins Rivas (18th Street Arts Center)
John Spiak (Grand Central Arts Center)
Tyler Stallings (UCR Culver Center for the ArtsSweeney Art Gallery)
Aandrea Stang (formerly of MOCA)
Irene Tsatsos (Armory Pasadena)

Baker's Dozen 4 runs until September 1, 2012. Come check it out!

Robert Fontenot and Neha Choksi with Micol Hebron of X-TRA magazine

We're looking forward to seeing you at the TAM.

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