Thursday, July 25, 2013

Richard Ankrom: Figurines

Detail of Figurines
Richard Ankrom
ceramic found objects, synthetic rubber, zipper
dimensions variable

Combining the imagery of bondage with sentimental kitsch, Richard Ankrom's Figurines convey a dark humor, bringing to mind both the government's attempts to socially sanitize the techniques of torture and the public's tendency to turn a blind eye to documented instances of such. These cutesy ceramic figurines, bunnies and kitties, may be seen simultaneously as both the victims of government-sanctioned violence, made to seem anodyne through propaganda campaigns, and as the submissive citizenry that permits such actions.

In either case, humanity is degraded, treated with cheapness and banality. Yet, Figurines conveys this harsh concept with a touch of the absurd. That's no "terrorist" in a hood, but a sweet little bunny.

Detail of Figurines (2012) by Richard Ankrom

Here's a video showing a few other works and projects by Richard Ankrom:

LAX Art Scene's focus on Richard Ankrom (December, 2008)

It's some interesting work. Figurines is part of the Torrance Art Museum's Baker's Dozen V: Marginal Revolutions. Come on down and check it out. ;-)

Detail of Figurines (2012) by Richard Ankrom

We're looking forward to seeing you at the TAM!!!

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