Sunday, February 17, 2013

Talks, Discussions, and Demonstrations

Jasom Ramos, Catlin Moore, Grant Vetter, Torrance Art Museum, Painting in LA
Jason Ramos (left) moderates a panel discussion on painting in Los Angeles, with Catlin Moore and Grant Vetter

We had a very eventful day at the Torrance Art Museum on Saturday, February 9th. The afternoon started with a sculpture demonstration by Karen Cope, providing information as to technique and context to her works currently on view, One Gross Face. Then, Grant Vetter gave a talk on his book, The Architecture of Control, discussing the influence of ideology on a wide array of subjects.

Our "main event' was the "Painting in Los Angeles" panel discussion. Moderated by Jason Ramos, the panel was comprised of Catlin Moore, Christopher Pate, Max Presneill, and Grant Vetter. Conversation ranged among various topics, from questioning why art critics recurrently claim that "Painting is Dead" to considering the role that commercial pressures, specifically when establishing gallery representation, plays in how a painter approaches the art of painting.

Yeah, the panel had a lot of "artist's art talk" but it was a lively conversation and presented many engaging opinions and compelling observations.

Karen Cope, One Gross Face, Torrance Art Museum
Karen Cope demonstrated her sculptural technique in Gallery Two.

It was a good time. The TAM thanks all of you who came out to participate in the events, artists and art lovers alike. ;-)

For more information on this panel discussion, you ought to check out "Panel and Paradox at the Torrance Art Museum" at the Painting In L.A. site.

Although the talks and demonstrations are past, the shows continue. Paradox Maintenance Technicians, Theatrical Dynamics, One Gross Face, and Dark Room Presents: McLean Fahnestock, these exhibits all continue until March 9, 2013. So, there are a few more weeks left to come check them out.

Don't miss 'em!!!

Christopher Pate, Max Presneill, Painting in LA, Torrance Art Museum
Christopher Pate (l) and Max Presneill (r) were panelists at "Painting in LA"

We're looking forward to seeing you at the TAM!!!

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