Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jesus Max: The Messenger & Time Warp

Detail from The Messenger (2012) by Jesus Max
Oil on canvas on panel
41 x 25 inches

Here's a brief "spotlight" post for our South Bay Focus exhibit, which is running at the Torrance Art Museum until December 15th. This time, we're looking at a couple of works by Jesus Max, The Messenger and Time Warp (After Roger Van Der Weyden). These two works have rich symbolic imagery and interesting references to historical themes of traditional art.

The contrast between the traditional and contemporary elements raises questions for the viewer. Are we to evaluate the painting's premise as commentary upon "Old Master" topics? Or is this a play on the absurd, a parody? Or, perhaps, it is an appropriation of an established visual vocabulary used in expressing something totally new, informed by art history but looking towards emergent aesthetics?

Whatever the case, these works are stimulating and engaging images. Come by the TAM and check them out. ;-)

Detail of Time Warp (After Roger Van Der Weyden) by Jesus Max
Oil on canvas on panel
24 x 77 1/2 inches

We're looking forward to seeing you at the TAM.

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